Baby Blue BMW Power Up

I love the color blue and when this pearl sky blue immaculate E39 rolled into the shop and wanted more power, of course we said yes. This is one very well preserved car and the interior still smells distinctly German even after 20 years.

The upgrades are nothing fancy, just And intake, a full exhaust and tuning for more power. For the headers, we opted to have a bolt on set imported from the USA, and I’ll be honest here, we didn’t get some uber name brand header but a 2 piece supersprint copy, and yes they work just as well as the real thing, which I don’t think supersprint even makes anymore.

Our baby blue Beemer made 110whp in stock form, not earth shattering but not bad for late 90s 2.0 inline 6 engine.

After bolting on the headers and fabricating the rest of the exhaust that ends with a Borla muffler and oval tip, and. K&N intake, our Beemer now makes 130whp, a good 20hp up from stock. And with an angry exhaust growl to match the looks.

The owner wanted Unichip to tune the car like what we did on his Hyundai Genesis, but upon checking, our Alientech KESS actually supports a car this old, so we offered to reflash his car instead. And reflash we did and got another 18hp for a total of 148whp

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