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I’ve been writing most of my life but this blogging thing is a bit new for me. Sure I’ve read blogs and while its mostly personal stuff and travel and food and other trivial things, not really for business and as a repository of knowledge. Which is what I plan to do with this one, along of course with personal thoughts and everyday experiences in running a performance car shop, the good, the bad, the frustrations with both the hard jobs and customers.

What prompted this whole blogging thing is that the primary shop Facebook account got hacked, and I lost access to 120k likes that it has. I’m not so concerned about the actual content as that I have a duplicate backup copy of, but the people who contact me on a daily basis, who now have their questions unanswered because of these hacker pricks. So lets start of by showing the link for the new site below:


That’s the new and fresh FB page that is starting from scratch. Of course it sucks to have what you’ve built up taken away from you, but after a week of mopping around, I figured a fresh start isn’t too bad. I do still have access to the old page and the spam videos now being posted are being liked by a bunch of names I didn’t recognize and they’re mostly Indian or Middle Eastern, people who will never come to my shop or ever be my customers to think of it as a purge for all these useless people.

Lesson One, you shouldn’t rely solely on Facebook, better spread your digital assets around like a separate blog, a youtube channel, a good website. The lost of a Facebook page shouldn’t signal death for business.

Lesson 2, FUCK YOU FACEBOOK. They do absolutely nothing to help you get your page back if it does get hacked. NOTHING. Never mind that you have spend $$$$ with them to advertise, they don’t even respond or take care of their customers, big or small.

Lesson 3, it’s not the end of the world. It’s only Facebook, it’s absolutely no reason to make a video and cry for the world to see, as some people do, that’s just pathetic.

So what can you except from me personally blogging? Insights, knowledge and mostly tech stuff and what works and what doesn’t. I personally have no qualms about calling out other shops by name if they do something wrong or if they selling products that don’t work. And it’s time I got into making youtube videos, hey a little late to party but better late than never. So click and subscribe below