Best post election analysis I have seen, super spot on and why Leni Loser never had a chance

Like most everyone after the election, I wanted to know why BBM won by what he did and sadly, the leftist liberal mainstream media keeps trying to inject their fallen candidate into the conversation to still somewhat prop her up as the doomed heroine, which is blatantly false.

Yes this is from ANC, the news arm of the now airwave-less ABS-CBN and the guy being interviewed said he voted for Loser, but he saw the writing on the wall months ago. Despite what dishwashing Rappler, Falling Star, and Unquirer keeps trumpeting in their respective channels, Duterte is the single most popular president in history and has an above 70% approval rating as of last December 2021, whereas every single president before him performed dismally in their last days in office and people who can’t wait to replace him.

So if you have a 70% of people who like you, an opposition is left with 30% to work with, and even if you DOUBLE that opposition number, you still lose. By comparison here’s Noynoy’s approval rating, in the mid 20s just before the election.

Not too dismal, but no where near 70% and that’s what leftist media doesn’t tell you and downplays it as a minor news item. We DO NOT LIKE the Aquino brand of politicians anymore, the says a whole lot of nothing when answering a question or gives a totally different answer. We don’t like the “I’ll name so and so at a proper place and venue” Leftist media keeps dooming and glooming dictator rule, authoritarian rule, strong man rule, well that’s exactly what the Philippines needs and wants and it WORKS, and you cannot argue with that. What people don’t want most of all is a vice president that day in day out is to snipe, criticize, upstage, who for all intents and purposes, YOUR BOSS. And then outright LIES about not wanting to be president.

Remember this? And she was asked TWICE and emphatically answered no, the internet doesn’t forget BITCH, and you wanted to run on a platform that you’re the honest choice?!?!? You can’t even be honest about your intentions.

I actually should be the ideal poster boy for Leni Loser’s rabid supporters, DLSU educated, went to America during my high school, english speaking elitist, voted for Pnoy back then, cheered when he went after Corona, couldn’t care less about 44 dead soldiers, was aghast when Trump won back in 2016.

So what changed? Well my eyes were opened first when the media bias was pointed out to me, and then watching it for myself and it’s true, and media is definitely biased, favoring leftist liberal people who drink the same sewage hole. And it might be facebook, might be something else, but the normal person on the street sees through this also. Do a quick google search on the number of “negative” stories about Leni, ZERO, BIG FAT ZERO. Well because she’s really that saintly! Bullshit, no one is that amazing. But despite all the endless cheerleading, her boss PRRD, is still way more popular than her and gets more than a majority job approval. So all the pa-epal, lying about not wanting to run, and one-upsmanship all had a negative effect. Instead of helping out to solve the numerous problems, you end up adding to them, opposing for the sake of opposing only.

You really think that her staying a few hours in some disaster stricken area, just long enough for photo ops changes anything? That’s token concern and PLASTIC, and everyone sees through it.

And that is why you lost BIG TIME

The Robredo camp knew they were going to lose

Yes, you read that right, their own internal surveys show that they have a slightly higher number than what the Pulse Asia surveys are showing, and it’s with “guarded optimism” going into the final days of the campaign. Now by how much more wasn’t said by the super left leaning liberally biased rag Rappler and their post elections report hours after the polls closed.

You can watch it here

and skip to the 6:00 mark where they have internal surveys confirming the numbers by PA. Let’s some educated guesses now.

Pulse Asia’s last survey had Leni at 23% and BBM at 56% in the lead with double the votes.

So let’s give her a very very generous end of the universe impossible DOUBLE what ever here PA numbers are and she would still LOSE. Heck even if she is the single uniting opposition candidate, she would still LOSE. Leni loser knows this, the parrot Barry Gutierrez knows this, Kiko the cucu knows this, every single person inside the campaign knows this, EXCEPT you the blinded by “change” “laban” “Let me educate you” and all the other bullshit things your so very obviously unpopular candidate fed you, the stupid and gullible voter.

Here’s the parrot downplaying the numbers, KNOWING FULL WELL what the truth is, if that’s not lying, then please explain it to me. Granted it definitely is campaign strategy to keep these things secret as no one wants to admit they are losing, no shit. But to purposefully tell people you have been cheated EVEN after truth is thrown in front of your faces is just appalling. So where is Barry the parrot now? Out of a fucking job obviously, and good riddance.

And all your rallies are stupid, extremely stupid. Here’s a very simple reason why. The people who show up to things WILL already vote for you, while it looks extremely good for TV and for what Rappler the dishwashing rag feeds to the international media who just copy and paste, it does absolutely nothing to convert voters. This is the same bullshit fed to other countries who keep thinking “oh, Philippines not safe, lots of drug killings” excuse me? Bullshit, I call bullshit, and they walk around Manila at night and surprise surprise, no dead bodies left and right.

This isn’t America dumb dumbs, where the rallies are actually important, like what Trump did. Their purpose isn’t to gain converts but to energize the base to actually go out and vote. This is what you get when you stupidly copy the Democrat playbook by appealing to the LGBTXYQ123 crowd in hopes of them converting their friends and family to your cause. Numerically that is really stupid, making a big deal of the 0.001% of the population and think it will make a difference.

Of course no one goes to a presidential race without the smallest hope that they will win, the hell, every one thinks they will win, even the last two poor bastards whose names we don’t even remember.

Do you think these survey firms do all of this for free? Ever wondered what do they do when its not election season? They still do surveys! it’s their job, where its for a food company, for telecoms, for a shampoo, for pandesal, for people looking to get into politics ahead of time, and guess what? They are PAID by these companies and organizations to do it. Organizations like political parties, Leni Loser included. so they KNEW, they definitely KNEW they don’t have a chance in this universe to win it, and they also knew it wasn’t even going to be a close fight.

I don’t know about you but isn’t that something that we should KNOW before we actually vote?

Enchong Dee and his P1B suit problem

I’ve never liked this guy. Never seen him on TV, never seen his movies, I only know about him through news items because obviously he is a “celebrity” and his face adorns every Peri-peri chicken branch we see.

Here’s the problem with celebrities, whether hollywood or local, especially the local ones. They are not very smart legally. Its quite simple, if you do have the brains, being a celebrity IS NOT your first choice, the whole reason why you are one is because:

  1. You look good
  2. Brains are optional
  3. Acting ability can be “developed”
  4. Looks good
  5. Smiles good
  6. Looks good.
  7. Looks good
  8. Did I mention looks good already?

And they think they are invincible just because of their fame, and it gets to their tiny heads. Such as when Enchong in a now deleted tweet accused party list representative Claudine Bautista of using government funds to fund her wedding, all without proof. And what a painful lesson it has been. A tweet apology is no way going to cut it.

Yes, people in government are as slimy/callous/kapal mukha as they come but aside from the usual bad press which comes with the territory, Enchong has learned the hard and expensive way that freedom of speech is not ABSOLUTE, which comes of a shocker to most people, I’d say 99% of everyone. You cannot simply say what you want and get away with it. Claudine has all the right to sue this dude for insane sum of P1B, and that itself has people agahst, why the enormous sum, is it greed? Well I’m not a lawyer but I know enough the law than most of you. You can actually file and attach any amount you want to your case to what you feel is damage to you. Whether the judge actually agrees to that amount of course will be determined once it goes to trial, and 99% of the time, the final settlement amount will be no where near that demanded amount. Still, Claudine did it to make a statement, and rightfully so, that you small bit actor arent going to get away with saying what you want, just because you are a celebrity. And for that she gets my 1000000% support.

Moral of the story is, you not so smart, not lots of brains actors should stick to acting and stop trying to advocate for “social justice” or other imaginary offenses which have nothing to do with you. Even if the final judgement gets pared down to 10% or 100 million, you really think anyone would give enchong dee work to earn that amount until the day he dies?

And for that, I am very very happy and ecstatic that he will never work again and be buried in debt until the day he dies.

Claudine articulated what most of us already know and feel with public apologies. Enchong only did it because he got caught with his pants down and is forced to suck it up. Not because he genuinely regrets what he did, but because he has been made to realize that in the stupid moment of exercising his “freedom” he is ignorant that it comes with responsibilities. So no, he is no way sincere and Claudine Bautista, go ahead and hit him where it really hurts. Not in the nut sack but the wallet.

So Claudine Bautista, continue your case, don’t back down and please wag maawa. I really hate this Filipino trait of “nakakaawa naman” Also do not ever forgive and I will make sure in my own little way no one will ever forget.

Rot in debt enchong

Facebook, quagmire of misinformation, featuring Karl and Emil

Ahhh, facebook, haven of misinformation the world over, where everyone thinks they’re the experts, including these two dudes. Oh and shout out to Rest Ver who is a staunch fan! I get screen shots all the time and here they are:

Let’s start with Karl Patrick Llanes, who has never stepped foot in the shop, never inquired (wala ata kotse) but deems us unworthy cause we have never made anyone’s car faster and always on safe boost. And I’ll get this out of the way because some other idiot will cry cyberbullying and online harassment. This is posted in a public group on Facebook, the operative word being public, and the profiles of the individual is there for all to see. And no, none of you are lawyers and don’t know the law when it comes to what constitutes cyberbullying, I do. And for sure, Karl will complain and use the age old and pathetic false martyrdom pity excuse, “Tirahin mo na ako, bakit pa kelangan kasama picture ng misis ko at mga anak ko!” Uhhhhh dude, ifs you’re public facebook page, you’re the one that included them in your photos, you have no one to blame but yourself. Oh wait, didn’t you know that’s how Facebook works? You post your pics to share and for the world to see?

I actually read the comments on this and found them hilarious! And quite frankly, there were more than a few that agreed with me. So yes, I answer things direct to the point, with no boss or sir, I simply don’t do that, ever ever since. So if that’s you’re requirement you need when looking for a shop, then move along cause I don’t do pleasantries and ass kissing over chat. I reserve my chatty side for when we see each other in person and my patience to write long for this blog.

So back to Karl, and it seems that the end all and be all is racing, which I completely understand on why this is so, it’s a chance for people to show off their dick size without anything to back it up and which the other party cannot refute while drinking and trash talking. And I’ll be my house that’s this guy has absolutely zero racing experience, and no, joining a drag day or occasional track day doesn’t count. So we have a guy with no car (probably) no racing experience, doesn’t work on cars, doesn’t have a shop, never inquired, never had anything done in my shop, and we should listen to his all sweeping assessment? And as for safe boost, of course it’s safe, isn’t that what everyone wants? No one wants a car that’s tuned to the very limit and will just breakdown, that’s stupid and its hassle for me and the customer. 99.9% of our customers have street cars and go racing, guilty as charged. It makes no sense for us to serve the 0.5% racing market.

And this other dude Emil Bilagot that says all we do is street tune. Excuse me, We’re only 1 of two shops in the country that have 2 DYNOS! Another walang alam dude na nagmamarunong.  And as for his comment that were not well known in racing circles, this is somewhat true. Let me explain. We don’t participate in racing with our own cars, we don’t build a single purpose race car, we don’t sponsor racing cars, we also don’t join, NOW. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t do any of those these BEFORE.

Every performance car shop in the country started out with grand dreams of building their own racing team and being their own F1 team, we were no different, we used to sponsor trackdays for the various clubs, Altis Club, Ford, Club, Mitsu Lancer (even sponsored their calendar shoot, which never ended up being made) etc etc back in the day. We even had a few run all you want drag days, gave away a nitrous kit for the first prize and was partnered with Tuason Racing for their Focus and Fiesta cups, was the official dyno for Philippine GT for while the series lasted with the AWD class.

So just because you don’t see us in the track, doesn’t mean we haven’t done it. And the biggest reason why we don’t do it anymore? Money, or the lack there off in terms of return on investment. There are simply no returns by being a sponsor or joining races in the Philippines. All those stickers plastered on all the race cars? They’re all personal business of the car owner/drive and friends, in short, it’s a hobby, a very expensive one at that. Heck, that’s how F1 started in the first place! A place for rich boys to race their toys, and it just so happens that the poor masses loves to watch them. The whole aim of sponsoring is marketing, but if no one really goes and sees the races, and no additional business comes from it, what’s the point? Local motorsports definitely have zero coverage like F1. So we decided to focus our marketing money somewhere else where we see actual returns, car shows like Trans Sport Show and Manila International Auto Show for example. Long and short of it, walang balik sa amin by being in racing, its all spend spend spend and time time time for what is essentially an expensive patting on the back.

So to Emil, just because you don’t see us in the track, doesn’t mean that we do not deliver results. And mind you, 99 out of 100 people who come into the shop always always utter the following “I’m not into racing, I just want my car to be faster”

And this folks is why you shouldn’t ask your friends, barkada, tropa advice on modifying cars, and why pages like Racing Serye ng Pilipinas is good for entertainment value, nothing else.

If you find the price expensive, then by all means you do it and I’ll pay you

I collect and paint toys. Before in the car world, I thumb my nose at the paint shops that showcase all show and no go entries. I mean, it’s painting, how hard can it be? It’s not as if you’re making a Mona Lisa. Then when I started to paint Gundams that I had a new found and deep respect for painting.

I also came across this post in the 1/6 scale groups.

Credits to Kiko Manlapig for voicing out what we, in the skills and labor business, feel when a dumb as rocks customer complains why so expensive.

For share Life Lesson: MUST READ‼️☝️

“Bat ang mahal ng magpapaint sayo, e ikaw lang naman gumagawa niyan sa bahay??? Mag 3d2go na lang ako kesa magpapaint sayo.” 🙂

A customer friend asked me how much it cost to paint a headsculpt.

𝗠𝗲: For a single head depends on the the size and details, 2,000php estimate depende pa yan kung gano kadetalye ang design.

𝗖𝘂𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗺𝗲𝗿: Masyado namang mahal, tapos simpleng head lang?

𝗠𝗲: How much do you think it would cost you?

𝗖𝘂𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗺𝗲𝗿: 1000php maximum… Madali lang naman yon diba?! Saka mura lang mga paint sa national tpos kahit poster color paint lang pwede na.😁

𝗠𝗲: Ok, since magkakilala naman tayo pwede namang ikaw ang gumawa. 😉

𝗖𝘂𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗺𝗲𝗿: Pero hindi ako marunong magpaint…😂

𝗠𝗲: For 1000php tuturuan kita, nakasave ka pa ng 1,000php . You’ll get the knowledge na kailangan mo. 😉

𝗖𝘂𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗺𝗲𝗿: Sige, pwede na din.😁

𝗠𝗲: But to get started: May mga kailangan tayong gamit:

Airbrush w/ compressor-(₱2000)


Paint pallete(₱75)

Paint brush (₱200-500)depende sa pino ng tip

Sealer/matte top coat(₱300) glossy (₱300)

Model acrylic Paint (₱125-220 each) depende sa brand.




-flat black


-light brown

-dark brown


𝗖𝘂𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗺𝗲𝗿: Hala.😣 But I don’t have all these stuff. Bibili pa ba ko niyan, isang headsculpt lang naman gagawin ko. 😐

𝗠𝗲: Well then for another 500php more I’ll rent my stuff to you para makagawa ka. 🙂

𝗖𝘂𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗺𝗲𝗿: Sige Sige 🙂

𝗠𝗲: Okay! thursday 3am I’m waiting for you to start doing this work ha.

𝗖𝘂𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗺𝗲𝗿: What 3am??? And I can’t on Thursday I only have time today.😢

𝗠𝗲: I’m sorry, but I’m only available on Thursday at 3am to teach you and lend you my stuff. Other days are busy with other customers na kasi. 😔

𝗖𝘂𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗺𝗲𝗿: Okay! That means I’m going to have to sacrifice my Thursday and give up my other tasks.😣

𝗠𝗲: I forgot. To do your job yourself, you also have to pay for the non-productive factors.🙂

𝗖𝘂𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗺𝗲𝗿: Totoo ba? Ano naman yun?😲

𝗠𝗲:Internet connection, kuryente, etc.

𝗖𝘂𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗺𝗲𝗿: Jusko! Ang dami ko namang babayaran at masasayang na oras bago ako makagawa!😲 Sige. Yung mga gamit ok naman na?

𝗠𝗲: Sure, nasa akin naman na yung ibang gamit, but for the paint, you’ll need to buy it since sakto lang ang paints ko for my existing orders. And wait you’ll need to find the exact brand, hindi pede un kung ano lang ang available, may specific kaming ginagamit, pag wala kay supplier 1, hanap kay supplier 2, 3, 4 hanggang sa makita mo. Kaya pag wala sa bayan, pumupunta pa ko sa kabilang bayan.

𝗖𝘂𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗺𝗲𝗿: isang custom painted head lang tapos ganyan kadami need ko hanapin?😂

𝗠𝗲: Hindi pa kasama pamasahe mo dyan.

𝗖𝘂𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗺𝗲𝗿: 1,000 sa turo, 500 sa rent ng stuff, 500 na lang kulang para ikaw gumawa.😂 Konti nalang din naman ang idadagdag ikaw na pala gumawa.🙏

When you pay for a job, especially handcrafted, you pay not only for the material used, but also:

– Knowledge

– Experience

– Trainings and workshops

– Study

– Tools

– Services

– Time to go

– punctuality

– Accountability

– Accuracy

– Guaranteed

– Sacrifices

– Safety and security

No one can denigrate other people’s work by judging prices. Only by knowing all the elements necessary for the production of a certain work can you estimate the actual cost.

𝑺𝒖𝒑𝒑𝒐𝒓𝒕 𝒄𝒓𝒂𝒇𝒕𝒔𝒎𝒆𝒏 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒔𝒎𝒂𝒍𝒍 𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒓𝒆𝒑𝒓𝒆𝒏𝒆𝒖𝒓𝒔.


My very selfish reason for liking this pandemic

WARNING: Woke all inclusive maawain bleeding heart snowflake scum can stop reading now.

“How’s business for you guys during the pandemic?” Is a question everyone seems to be asking me eve since we opened shop last May 18, 2020. To be honest I was a bit tepid on how it would turn out, Will there actually be people who will go to the shop, with all the “strict” quarantine passes needed and all? What about my people? How will they get to work?

Well turns out things have a nice way of resolving themselves. Most of my people have motorbikes and the primary and key people that I need, have had cars literally land on our lap.

As for customer, well everyone that has a car is as anxious as I am to go out because of the following:

This is a once in a lifetime event where EDSA is deserted and driving is AMAZING. Granted this post is a few months late but if own a car, and like driving, this is a dream come true. So this is the perfect moment to unleash the power of your car and apparently the customers want more, hence why we have a slew of power upgrades done to all sorts of cars, from Montero to Suzuki’s.

As for all the “hardships” you keep hearing on the news, get real bitches. NO ONE DIES OF HUNGER in the Philippines, NO ONE. Even the poorest of the poor beggar doesn’t die from no food.

With that out of the way, it’s very simple. If you have a car, and high chances are it’s more than one, you are:

1. Not starving to death or have a lack of food.

2. Have a sturdy roof over your heads.

3. Your kids and family are enjoying the bonding time cooking at home and eating together.

4. You have internet. Lots of time to use it.

5. Your monthly expense have actually gone down. Lower fuel cost, no going out, no eating out, no gimik nights, no shopping, no movies, no extra curricular, etc etc

6. You look online what to Gastos.

7. Financially you’re well off and once again, not starving to death.

So that means that the market I cater to, isn’t affected at all. I live near the Megamall Podium area and on the day where the mall shops have opened, I have seen people walk out with a big ass TV, a Dyson vacuum cleaner, and a Rolex watch. So the poor and begging are definitely not people who need and want what I have so sell.

So yes, business has been good so far.

Outright Lying by BRD Importer

Some companies that I thought of as traditional have appeared lately in my FB feed as ads, like Edmel, one of the best engine machine shops in the country. I guess they are now embracing micro advertisements because yes, they work.

And there are the usual car parts importers and once again FB is great for your social and friends stuff but terrible for accurate information. Like the people importing and selling BRD aluminum turbo pipes. I’m pretty sure that the Thai parent company won’t make such a blatantly false claim. You would think that they would be very honest on what their product can and cannot do. But no, this is blatantly wrong false.

These look good and are obviously more durable than rubber BUT, they DO NOT add any power nor does it lower intake temperatures.

Here’s why. Boost pressure from the turbocharger is the same irregardless of the pipe diameter size, it’s one a per square inch measurement. So it doesn’t matter if the pipe is 3″ or 3mm. The pressure is constant and doesn’t change. Changing to from rubber to aluminum doesn’t change the amount of boost the turbo makes, that is just physically impossible.

It also doesn’t make the air any cooler. The primary source of hot air is the turbocharger itself and it’s physics that when air is compressed, it heats up. And that air exiting the turbo is easily 70-80 degrees. And this air doesn’t exactly sit around the pipe waiting to get heated up either. So there is no way in hell that changing the pipe from rubber to aluminum lowers the air temperature.

So BRD importer, just be honest about selling your stuff because it’s durable and looks pretty, don’t claim that it has performance benefits when it clearly doesn’t.

Blatantly Wrong Information MUST BE Called Out

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Facebook groups and comments are the dumbest place to get information and research. It’s the blind leading the blind and you, the ordinary guy, are no wiser. Like the following comment that I accidentally came across on of the various car groups.

This comment is almost certainly referring to our Dynapack dyno. And for most people that read it, chances are they will believe what he said because he said it with so much conviction and certainty. I immediately called him out on it and how he’s incorrect and he promptly deleted it, but not before I manage to screen cap it.

It’s this form of downright ignorance and talking about stuff that you obviously have no knowledge off that pisses me off.

First off I will address and refute his point about Dynapack hub dynos, where you take the wheels off, are the wrong kind of dyno.

Given his premise, Mishimoto, a well known performance brand has been giving us BS numbers because they use a Dynapack.

Bisimoto, builder of several SEMA wonders and 1,000hp Honda’s and Hyundais are also coughing up fake numbers. Other well known Dynapack users are Hondata, Titan Motorsports, Apexi and many many more. All of them, according to Rodj are all wrong and inaccurate.

His second assertion is that Dynapack numbers are not correct because the wheel HP we get on some cars are close to or equal to the published HP.

I guess he’s hiding under a rock and doesn’t know that the latest Supras make more power on the dyno than what’s advertised, on both Dynapack AND Roller dynos like Dynojet.

By extension, publications like Honda Tuning and Road & Track also churn out false and inaccurate numbers because they feature cars on Dynapack Dynos.

So according Rodj Q. Dicen, all of us around the world have foolishly spent $125,000 on hub dynos and are just giving people inaccurate readings.

So let us all believe the great marine engineer Rodj Q. Dicen, when it comes to dyno tuning cars and making power, because he’s most absolutely undeniable right, and we who actually tune cars for a living are all wrong.

The problem with “research”

The more information available out the, the lazier people get when doing true research. Call me jaded and cynical but I roll my eyes when people say “sige research muna ako” fact is, you the normal person, can never research as well as me and will never be as knowledgeable as me when it comes to cars.

Facebook groups are the absolute worse when it comes to this and groups are the absolute dumbest place to do research. It’s the blind leading the equally blind. Just look at this post

Looks like he did his research alright, and came up with supercharger problem. To which my first thoughts are “Do you not know what you just bought?!?!!?” With any high value purchase like a car or a watch or the latest iPhone, the default would be you will memorize the specs and each and every detail of your purchase. Well he did ask for peoples thoughts and what followed was obviously a bunch of laughing faces and “turbocharger boss” So not only did the guy not get any answers and people now know he kinda stupid.

With the wealth of information there how could you not know your truck is turbocharged? Did you not see it before you bought it? Did the agent not tell what engine it has? Did you not read and listen to reviews about it? And which brings back to the “I will research” statement. You can do all the research you want BUT do you even understand what you’re actually reading? Especially when it comes to technical matters. Most likely you did do the “research” but nothing got absorbed.

Take the unending 4-2-1 vs 4-1 debate, which every single person who asks this of me fails to read that this particular discussion takes place in a Honda related page, specifically B SERIES engine related. Not Corollas, not Kias, not Lancers, not Geelys. So that alone tells me your researching skills are definitely sub par. More so when people who have the 1.8 civic or 1.3-1.5 Jazz/city ask which is better, not knowing that it’s not applicable to them as they have a 1-1. But hey at least it’s Honda related.

Granted you’re not all knowing but the fact that you came across the 4-2-1 vs 4-1 debate means you did some “research” and didn’t comprehend what you’re reading.

I actually like when people I talk to acknowledge that they don’t know much about cars, which means they know that they need to learn and ask questions, but I appreciate it even more when the answers I give them actually sink in and they have that AHA moment, which does happen. And on the other end, after an hour of explanation, there are the “in one ear, out the other”

Here’s a cute example.

Q: If I change my muffler only, 2″ inlet, will it lose power?

A: No, any size shape brand style muffler you change to will not lose power

Q: What if I change to a 2.5″ inlet and 4″ outlet, will it lose power?

Geeee last I checked, 2.5″ and 4″ definitely false under the any size category. Asking the question again in a different way will not change the answer.

Friends and ka tropa are the next stupidest way to do research. Even if he is the “car guy” because:

1. He doesn’t drive what you drive

2. All he has is second hand heresy information, the kind that’s “ito nangyari sa bayaw ng pinsan ng manugang ko”

3. He doesn’t fix cars for a living.

4. It’s not his car or his money that’s on the line. So there is no consequence for him if things go wrong.

So given all of that, how do you do correct research and who to ask for help? Well obviously I will say me (it is my blog after all)

On a more practical note, here’s a few guidelines:

1. Know the context. Obviously do not search for stuff about your Toyota in a Hyundai forum/article/group

2. Type in your google search in English and with correct spelling. As dumb as it sounds, yes people are that dumb. Sparkflug, chik enjin, rubber boshing, oyel sel. That’s just parts names.

3. Videos aren’t helpful. I’ve seen people post videos with the most minimal of information, usually just “what’s wrong sirs?” You’ll have 50 people with 20 different answers. And no, it’s not a matter of consensus. This is the part where it really has to be heard in person and you bring to the shop.

4. Describing your problem also doesn’t help. One of the things I hate most is that people lie, unintentionally or otherwise. They’ll describe a problem and I’ll give a best guess answer on what’s wrong, only to find out later as the conversation continues that this and that detail has been left out and will this change the diagnosis. The same way that a doctor will never diagnose you over the phone, he will tell you to go the hospital.

5. Bring your wife/girlfriend along. If the shop can satisfactorily explain you then and make them understand the problem and what needs to be done, then they know what they’re talking about. Women have natural bullshit detectors and it’s pretty foolproof as they regard men and all their proclivity for all things tech with suspicion by nature.

6. Watch my YouTube videos where I explain the hows and whys without delving into too much math or engineering jargon.

7. Be as descriptive as possible without being repetitive. As where you went, where you came from while driving isn’t relevant. And despite being as thorough and descriptive, 95% of the time my answer will be “bring it to the shop”

Intercooler Upgrade Thoughts and Points

For as long as there are turbo cars, there have been intercoolers and the big shiny aluminum intercooler behind the massive hole gape in the bumper tells everyone that your car is turbocharged, so much so that the Turbo Intercooler Sticker found on the 90s Pajero Fieldmaster is still remembered today.

For most of the Diesel engine’s existence, most make do without an Intercooler because it’s not as needed as a gasoline engine with the diesel as it’s not prone to pre combustion when the intake air gets too hot. It also kept the cost down as diesels are mostly relegated to work horse type vehicles like trucks where power isn’t a priority but torque, which the Diesel engine delivers a lot of at.

Diesels in consumer cars really cane to prominence with VW in the 90s as it rolled out the first electronically controlled Diesel engines that can vary injection volume across the rpm range, across a variety of load applied. Diesels engines also by nature get more efficiency than a gasoline engine engines, and with diesels, just throw in more air and fuel and it will make more power. So turbocharging is the next step in adding more air.

The Philippines is rather unique in that our diesel fuel is significantly lower than gasoline, unlike other places like Europe, there diesel and petrol are same price and sometimes a bit more expensive. But the power and increased fuel economy are definitely worth it.

It’s no wonder that half of all vehicle sales nowadays are diesels, dominated by SUVs and pickups, of which Honda is the poor kid left out in the cold.

A full half of Toyota’s lineup is diesel, Isuzu sells nothing but diesels.

And diesels now are making more power than gasoline cars. Gone are the days of the L300 where it is hirap to reach 80kph and is slow as dirt. 140-150kph is easily attainable even by an old 2006 Innova.

Having and ecu control the engine also opens up a world of improvements for tuners like us to extract more power with modules like Unichip or direct Ecu remap/reflash.

Design wise, SUVs have gone from two box designs (90s Patrol anyone?) to sleek space ship like styling of the latest Montero. Design cues have also evolved, from top mount intercooler of the Pajero Fieldmaster, Trooper and 1st Gen Fortuner to the front mount placement in all of of today’s offerings. And why is that?

The answer is two part: cost and design.

Admittedly a vehicle with a hood scoop screams performance, just look at Subaru, the hood scoop and top mount has been a staple since the 90s. And for the Fortuner, the hood scoop easily distinguishes the more expensive 3.0L from the 2.5L

Cost wise, it’s cheaper to make a top mount system that’s a front mount systems. It requires less parts and is faster to assemble. Plus you rarely get issues like testing hoses like on the current Ranger. And it’s another place to put branding on, with words like INTERCOOLED or D4D emblazoned on the plastic.

So why the shift to front mount and is it better if I convert my top mount to a front mount?

One word: efficiency.

A front mount intercooler that is away from engine heat and has a bigger surface area to catch the incoming air will always be better. As the. Same implies, the job of the intercooler is to COOL. We have taken temp measurements before and after if a top mount and with a front mount system. From cold start both show a 20-30 drop across the intercooler core but that drop quickly disappears from the top mount setup. The front mount setup is able to maintain the temp drop for far longer.

Googling will just confuse you more, as the is the perennial top mount vs front mount debate especially in Subaru forums. These are my 2 cents:

1. All arguments you see are for countries with winter, which we do not have and thus not applicable.

2. Subaru world rally team uses front mount. Enough said.

So will changing to a front mount give me more power? Well no, and yes.

No by itself, there is no power or very little power to be had. Intercooler makes are all about temperature and being stuck in traffic, there is no power to be had as both intercooler a will be hot due to lack of air flow.

But once you hit the highway with sufficient air flow , then the one with the front mount will cool the air faster as compared to the top mount.

Also when the vehicle is tuned, a front mount setup will make power due to the capacity to Cool more air brought about by higher boost levels.

But the biggest advantage of a front mount? It looks very nice.