Enchong Dee and his P1B suit problem

I’ve never liked this guy. Never seen him on TV, never seen his movies, I only know about him through news items because obviously he is a “celebrity” and his face adorns every Peri-peri chicken branch we see.

Here’s the problem with celebrities, whether hollywood or local, especially the local ones. They are not very smart legally. Its quite simple, if you do have the brains, being a celebrity IS NOT your first choice, the whole reason why you are one is because:

  1. You look good
  2. Brains are optional
  3. Acting ability can be “developed”
  4. Looks good
  5. Smiles good
  6. Looks good.
  7. Looks good
  8. Did I mention looks good already?

And they think they are invincible just because of their fame, and it gets to their tiny heads. Such as when Enchong in a now deleted tweet accused party list representative Claudine Bautista of using government funds to fund her wedding, all without proof. And what a painful lesson it has been. A tweet apology is no way going to cut it.

Yes, people in government are as slimy/callous/kapal mukha as they come but aside from the usual bad press which comes with the territory, Enchong has learned the hard and expensive way that freedom of speech is not ABSOLUTE, which comes of a shocker to most people, I’d say 99% of everyone. You cannot simply say what you want and get away with it. Claudine has all the right to sue this dude for insane sum of P1B, and that itself has people agahst, why the enormous sum, is it greed? Well I’m not a lawyer but I know enough the law than most of you. You can actually file and attach any amount you want to your case to what you feel is damage to you. Whether the judge actually agrees to that amount of course will be determined once it goes to trial, and 99% of the time, the final settlement amount will be no where near that demanded amount. Still, Claudine did it to make a statement, and rightfully so, that you small bit actor arent going to get away with saying what you want, just because you are a celebrity. And for that she gets my 1000000% support.

Moral of the story is, you not so smart, not lots of brains actors should stick to acting and stop trying to advocate for “social justice” or other imaginary offenses which have nothing to do with you. Even if the final judgement gets pared down to 10% or 100 million, you really think anyone would give enchong dee work to earn that amount until the day he dies?

And for that, I am very very happy and ecstatic that he will never work again and be buried in debt until the day he dies.

Claudine articulated what most of us already know and feel with public apologies. Enchong only did it because he got caught with his pants down and is forced to suck it up. Not because he genuinely regrets what he did, but because he has been made to realize that in the stupid moment of exercising his “freedom” he is ignorant that it comes with responsibilities. So no, he is no way sincere and Claudine Bautista, go ahead and hit him where it really hurts. Not in the nut sack but the wallet.

So Claudine Bautista, continue your case, don’t back down and please wag maawa. I really hate this Filipino trait of “nakakaawa naman” Also do not ever forgive and I will make sure in my own little way no one will ever forget.

Rot in debt enchong

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