Facebook, quagmire of misinformation, featuring Karl and Emil

Ahhh, facebook, haven of misinformation the world over, where everyone thinks they’re the experts, including these two dudes. Oh and shout out to Rest Ver who is a staunch fan! I get screen shots all the time and here they are:

Let’s start with Karl Patrick Llanes, who has never stepped foot in the shop, never inquired (wala ata kotse) but deems us unworthy cause we have never made anyone’s car faster and always on safe boost. And I’ll get this out of the way because some other idiot will cry cyberbullying and online harassment. This is posted in a public group on Facebook, the operative word being public, and the profiles of the individual is there for all to see. And no, none of you are lawyers and don’t know the law when it comes to what constitutes cyberbullying, I do. And for sure, Karl will complain and use the age old and pathetic false martyrdom pity excuse, “Tirahin mo na ako, bakit pa kelangan kasama picture ng misis ko at mga anak ko!” Uhhhhh dude, ifs you’re public facebook page, you’re the one that included them in your photos, you have no one to blame but yourself. Oh wait, didn’t you know that’s how Facebook works? You post your pics to share and for the world to see?

I actually read the comments on this and found them hilarious! And quite frankly, there were more than a few that agreed with me. So yes, I answer things direct to the point, with no boss or sir, I simply don’t do that, ever ever since. So if that’s you’re requirement you need when looking for a shop, then move along cause I don’t do pleasantries and ass kissing over chat. I reserve my chatty side for when we see each other in person and my patience to write long for this blog.

So back to Karl, and it seems that the end all and be all is racing, which I completely understand on why this is so, it’s a chance for people to show off their dick size without anything to back it up and which the other party cannot refute while drinking and trash talking. And I’ll be my house that’s this guy has absolutely zero racing experience, and no, joining a drag day or occasional track day doesn’t count. So we have a guy with no car (probably) no racing experience, doesn’t work on cars, doesn’t have a shop, never inquired, never had anything done in my shop, and we should listen to his all sweeping assessment? And as for safe boost, of course it’s safe, isn’t that what everyone wants? No one wants a car that’s tuned to the very limit and will just breakdown, that’s stupid and its hassle for me and the customer. 99.9% of our customers have street cars and go racing, guilty as charged. It makes no sense for us to serve the 0.5% racing market.

And this other dude Emil Bilagot that says all we do is street tune. Excuse me, We’re only 1 of two shops in the country that have 2 DYNOS! Another walang alam dude na nagmamarunong.  And as for his comment that were not well known in racing circles, this is somewhat true. Let me explain. We don’t participate in racing with our own cars, we don’t build a single purpose race car, we don’t sponsor racing cars, we also don’t join, NOW. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t do any of those these BEFORE.

Every performance car shop in the country started out with grand dreams of building their own racing team and being their own F1 team, we were no different, we used to sponsor trackdays for the various clubs, Altis Club, Ford, Club, Mitsu Lancer (even sponsored their calendar shoot, which never ended up being made) etc etc back in the day. We even had a few run all you want drag days, gave away a nitrous kit for the first prize and was partnered with Tuason Racing for their Focus and Fiesta cups, was the official dyno for Philippine GT for while the series lasted with the AWD class.

So just because you don’t see us in the track, doesn’t mean we haven’t done it. And the biggest reason why we don’t do it anymore? Money, or the lack there off in terms of return on investment. There are simply no returns by being a sponsor or joining races in the Philippines. All those stickers plastered on all the race cars? They’re all personal business of the car owner/drive and friends, in short, it’s a hobby, a very expensive one at that. Heck, that’s how F1 started in the first place! A place for rich boys to race their toys, and it just so happens that the poor masses loves to watch them. The whole aim of sponsoring is marketing, but if no one really goes and sees the races, and no additional business comes from it, what’s the point? Local motorsports definitely have zero coverage like F1. So we decided to focus our marketing money somewhere else where we see actual returns, car shows like Trans Sport Show and Manila International Auto Show for example. Long and short of it, walang balik sa amin by being in racing, its all spend spend spend and time time time for what is essentially an expensive patting on the back.

So to Emil, just because you don’t see us in the track, doesn’t mean that we do not deliver results. And mind you, 99 out of 100 people who come into the shop always always utter the following “I’m not into racing, I just want my car to be faster”

And this folks is why you shouldn’t ask your friends, barkada, tropa advice on modifying cars, and why pages like Racing Serye ng Pilipinas is good for entertainment value, nothing else.

One thought on “Facebook, quagmire of misinformation, featuring Karl and Emil”

  1. karl llanes? no racing experience? no carS? no knowledge about racing or the automotive industry? lol
    pare Karl. waley kadaw pala e,, hahaha hamunin mo na..


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