The Robredo camp knew they were going to lose

Yes, you read that right, their own internal surveys show that they have a slightly higher number than what the Pulse Asia surveys are showing, and it’s with “guarded optimism” going into the final days of the campaign. Now by how much more wasn’t said by the super left leaning liberally biased rag Rappler and their post elections report hours after the polls closed.

You can watch it here

and skip to the 6:00 mark where they have internal surveys confirming the numbers by PA. Let’s some educated guesses now.

Pulse Asia’s last survey had Leni at 23% and BBM at 56% in the lead with double the votes.

So let’s give her a very very generous end of the universe impossible DOUBLE what ever here PA numbers are and she would still LOSE. Heck even if she is the single uniting opposition candidate, she would still LOSE. Leni loser knows this, the parrot Barry Gutierrez knows this, Kiko the cucu knows this, every single person inside the campaign knows this, EXCEPT you the blinded by “change” “laban” “Let me educate you” and all the other bullshit things your so very obviously unpopular candidate fed you, the stupid and gullible voter.

Here’s the parrot downplaying the numbers, KNOWING FULL WELL what the truth is, if that’s not lying, then please explain it to me. Granted it definitely is campaign strategy to keep these things secret as no one wants to admit they are losing, no shit. But to purposefully tell people you have been cheated EVEN after truth is thrown in front of your faces is just appalling. So where is Barry the parrot now? Out of a fucking job obviously, and good riddance.

And all your rallies are stupid, extremely stupid. Here’s a very simple reason why. The people who show up to things WILL already vote for you, while it looks extremely good for TV and for what Rappler the dishwashing rag feeds to the international media who just copy and paste, it does absolutely nothing to convert voters. This is the same bullshit fed to other countries who keep thinking “oh, Philippines not safe, lots of drug killings” excuse me? Bullshit, I call bullshit, and they walk around Manila at night and surprise surprise, no dead bodies left and right.

This isn’t America dumb dumbs, where the rallies are actually important, like what Trump did. Their purpose isn’t to gain converts but to energize the base to actually go out and vote. This is what you get when you stupidly copy the Democrat playbook by appealing to the LGBTXYQ123 crowd in hopes of them converting their friends and family to your cause. Numerically that is really stupid, making a big deal of the 0.001% of the population and think it will make a difference.

Of course no one goes to a presidential race without the smallest hope that they will win, the hell, every one thinks they will win, even the last two poor bastards whose names we don’t even remember.

Do you think these survey firms do all of this for free? Ever wondered what do they do when its not election season? They still do surveys! it’s their job, where its for a food company, for telecoms, for a shampoo, for pandesal, for people looking to get into politics ahead of time, and guess what? They are PAID by these companies and organizations to do it. Organizations like political parties, Leni Loser included. so they KNEW, they definitely KNEW they don’t have a chance in this universe to win it, and they also knew it wasn’t even going to be a close fight.

I don’t know about you but isn’t that something that we should KNOW before we actually vote?

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