Best post election analysis I have seen, super spot on and why Leni Loser never had a chance

Like most everyone after the election, I wanted to know why BBM won by what he did and sadly, the leftist liberal mainstream media keeps trying to inject their fallen candidate into the conversation to still somewhat prop her up as the doomed heroine, which is blatantly false.

Yes this is from ANC, the news arm of the now airwave-less ABS-CBN and the guy being interviewed said he voted for Loser, but he saw the writing on the wall months ago. Despite what dishwashing Rappler, Falling Star, and Unquirer keeps trumpeting in their respective channels, Duterte is the single most popular president in history and has an above 70% approval rating as of last December 2021, whereas every single president before him performed dismally in their last days in office and people who can’t wait to replace him.

So if you have a 70% of people who like you, an opposition is left with 30% to work with, and even if you DOUBLE that opposition number, you still lose. By comparison here’s Noynoy’s approval rating, in the mid 20s just before the election.

Not too dismal, but no where near 70% and that’s what leftist media doesn’t tell you and downplays it as a minor news item. We DO NOT LIKE the Aquino brand of politicians anymore, the says a whole lot of nothing when answering a question or gives a totally different answer. We don’t like the “I’ll name so and so at a proper place and venue” Leftist media keeps dooming and glooming dictator rule, authoritarian rule, strong man rule, well that’s exactly what the Philippines needs and wants and it WORKS, and you cannot argue with that. What people don’t want most of all is a vice president that day in day out is to snipe, criticize, upstage, who for all intents and purposes, YOUR BOSS. And then outright LIES about not wanting to be president.

Remember this? And she was asked TWICE and emphatically answered no, the internet doesn’t forget BITCH, and you wanted to run on a platform that you’re the honest choice?!?!? You can’t even be honest about your intentions.

I actually should be the ideal poster boy for Leni Loser’s rabid supporters, DLSU educated, went to America during my high school, english speaking elitist, voted for Pnoy back then, cheered when he went after Corona, couldn’t care less about 44 dead soldiers, was aghast when Trump won back in 2016.

So what changed? Well my eyes were opened first when the media bias was pointed out to me, and then watching it for myself and it’s true, and media is definitely biased, favoring leftist liberal people who drink the same sewage hole. And it might be facebook, might be something else, but the normal person on the street sees through this also. Do a quick google search on the number of “negative” stories about Leni, ZERO, BIG FAT ZERO. Well because she’s really that saintly! Bullshit, no one is that amazing. But despite all the endless cheerleading, her boss PRRD, is still way more popular than her and gets more than a majority job approval. So all the pa-epal, lying about not wanting to run, and one-upsmanship all had a negative effect. Instead of helping out to solve the numerous problems, you end up adding to them, opposing for the sake of opposing only.

You really think that her staying a few hours in some disaster stricken area, just long enough for photo ops changes anything? That’s token concern and PLASTIC, and everyone sees through it.

And that is why you lost BIG TIME

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