Toyota Rush SpeedLab Power Package

“The Toyota Rush isn’t a replacement for the Avanza” Declared C! Magazine when they did a video of the newly launched Toyota Rush (link at the bottom) They are wrong. The Rush doesn’t replace the Avanza BECAUSE IT IS an Avanza, in nicer clothing.

Let me explain why.

A car is considered an all new generation when one of the the following has undergone a drastic change: Engine or Chassis.

Exterior looks, interior trim and visuals aren’t enough to classify a car as a new generation, despite the penchant for Filipinos to call their cars Gen 1, 1.5, 2.5 so on and so forth.

But back to the topic at hand, the Rush is for all intents and purposes an Avanza because it has exactly the same engine as the previous model, down to the Daihatsu ECU and the exact same suspension setup as lowering springs for the previous Avanza fit the Rush perfectly.

This is actually good news for shops like us because it cuts down the R&D time to develop new parts quite drastically. This is why we’re able to offer a Power Package within a month of the Rush being sold in dealerships when a very eager customer brought one to the shop and much to our surprise, the exhaust headers we have for the Avanza fit perfectly, as in shoot, no modifications. Which tells us the exhaust system is the same.

Next up is the airbox design. The panel filter is exactly the same as the previous Avanza also. Which means our intake systems also fit.

And even down to the ECU, it’s a Daihatsu ECU. Yes boys and girls, the Avanza and the Rush is a Daihatsu.

Toyota Rush left, Toyota Avanza Right

Even the gear selector panel is the same. In every dimension.

Like I said, makes our job easier and were able to give the Toyota Rush an additional 17hp from stock.

Baseline: 86whp

Power Package: 104whp

SpeedLab K&N Intake

Hotpipes Headers

Unichip Fuel and timing ECU

C! Magazine review Toyota Rush

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