Outright Lying by BRD Importer

Some companies that I thought of as traditional have appeared lately in my FB feed as ads, like Edmel, one of the best engine machine shops in the country. I guess they are now embracing micro advertisements because yes, they work.

And there are the usual car parts importers and once again FB is great for your social and friends stuff but terrible for accurate information. Like the people importing and selling BRD aluminum turbo pipes. I’m pretty sure that the Thai parent company won’t make such a blatantly false claim. You would think that they would be very honest on what their product can and cannot do. But no, this is blatantly wrong false.

These look good and are obviously more durable than rubber BUT, they DO NOT add any power nor does it lower intake temperatures.

Here’s why. Boost pressure from the turbocharger is the same irregardless of the pipe diameter size, it’s one a per square inch measurement. So it doesn’t matter if the pipe is 3″ or 3mm. The pressure is constant and doesn’t change. Changing to from rubber to aluminum doesn’t change the amount of boost the turbo makes, that is just physically impossible.

It also doesn’t make the air any cooler. The primary source of hot air is the turbocharger itself and it’s physics that when air is compressed, it heats up. And that air exiting the turbo is easily 70-80 degrees. And this air doesn’t exactly sit around the pipe waiting to get heated up either. So there is no way in hell that changing the pipe from rubber to aluminum lowers the air temperature.

So BRD importer, just be honest about selling your stuff because it’s durable and looks pretty, don’t claim that it has performance benefits when it clearly doesn’t.

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