Camaro Borla Exhaust Custom Fabrication and Install

In a land dominated by Japanese brands, it’s a real treat to see cars like Mustangs and Canaria coming into the shop. And this 2018 example wanted a catback Exhaust done.

Lifting up the car to take a look what we’re up against, I was surprised and delighted to see 4 electronic valves that changed the opening depending on the pedal and speed, activate sound tuning if you will.

We new from the start that these 4 valves have to go back and they must go back, as we have seen other shops just simply disconnect these when they make an exhaust which is kinda stupid as it will throw a check engine light and kill off what is an arguably cool feature. Granted we did have to cut the 4 valves from the stock piping but it’s not something so terrible or permanent that we couldn’t put it back to stock if needed. Of course we got permission from the owner before doing any cutting

We chose to use Borla Pro XS mufflers for that deep sound, and still went with a quad tip setup but using oval tips as these fill up the bumper cutout much better.

This result is a meaner sounding exhaust note when you floor it but remains civilized quiet at idle because we retained the stock exhaust valves to do their job.

If you don’t mind sniffing some smoke, watching the valves open and close is a pretty cool thing

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